Lukenya University

Lukenya University is duly accredited by the Government of Kenya through the Commission for University Education (CUE). The accreditation journey and status for the University can be summarized as follows; November 16th, 2015: The University received a Letter of Interim Authority from the Commission for Higher Education (CHE), the predecessor to the Commission for University Education, after rigorous inspection visits by the Commission. The Letter of Interim Authority is the first accreditation step for private Universities in Kenya.

We embrace a Green Philosophy which fosters the use of innovative technologies in global food security, energy and sustainability, health and universal education.

We will:
1. Strive to serve society through the provision of quality academic and professional training, as well as human and moral training.
2. Provide the most suitable means to improve the moral, social and economic conditions of the person and of society as a whole.
3. Adhere to the modern development trends that are fully dependent on the sustainable technologies, thus embracing a Green Philosophy in this undertaking. We believe in the use of renewable technologies in global food security, energy, health and universal education.

Lukenya University is a successor institution of the Lukenya Schools founded in 1992 as a medium-cost private primary school by the Family of the late Justice Kasanga Mulwa. The University was established in 2015 as an independent institution of higher-learning. The University sought accreditation from the Commission of University Education in Kenya in accordance with the provisions of the University Act (2012). Presently, the Lukenya Schools constitute the following four constituent schools:
1. Lukenya Academy,
2. Lukenya Academy IGCSE School,
3. Lukenya Girls Secondary School,
4. Lukenya High School (Boys)

To be a dynamic university committed to excellence in teaching, research, training and community service

To provide quality education, product oriented research and intensive training in an atmosphere of academic freedom for the benefit and development of society.

Postera Crescam Laude (We labour for the benefit of the future generation)

  • Diploma in Social Work and Community Development

    Lukenya University
  • Bachelor of Education (Science)

    Lukenya University
  • Bachelor of Education (Arts)

    Lukenya University
  • Bachelor of Commerce

    Lukenya University
  • Bachelor of Science in Dryland Agriculture

    Lukenya University

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