Pettans Driving School

Petanns driving school and Computer College is a leading training institution majoring in enhancement of practical skills in driving and computer.

With over 70 branches and a fleet of vehicles countrywide, Petanns is well spread in 12 counties to ensure reliable service delivery to all Kenyans.

Our main agenda is to deliver the required professional driving skills set to Kenyans, with an aim of reducing road carnage. We also ensure digital compliance in accordance with vision 2030.
Imperatively, we have been promoting road safety agenda in Kenya through our individual /corporate training and campaigns initiatives for a couple of years and empowering many young Kenyans through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

To be precise every year we successfully organize a country wide sensitization events on road safety like Petanns kemea ajali road safety campaign, Petanns tetemesha Kiambu in partnership with NTSA and different media houses.

Petanns driving school is fully accredited by the government of Kenya through NTSA. All our instructors are fully trained and certified NTSA. (Kindly Visit the NTSA website).

Why new curriculum
The government of Kenya though the national transport and safety authority (NTSA) in its commitment to enhance road safety has introduced a more clear, concise and professional curriculum for all drivers and riders.

Petanns driving school is a highly dedicated specialist company that cares about making a difference. Since our commencement, we have trained and added value to over 3 million young Kenyan.

Why train with Petanns Driving School
1. Petanns driving school uses NTSA new curriculum that promotes road safety.
2. An intensive defensive driving training course.
3. New and modern serviceable vehicles, including 4X4 vehicles.
4. Free basic mechanical and first aid training.
5. Digital training using assimilators.
6. Corporate training including CDF, churches, NGO’s, and other large groups through mobile training program
7. Well net-worked (Diverse Branches spread over nine (9) counties

Our Motto
Petanns is the defensive driving partner

Our Physiology
We strongly believe in our philosophy that every person deserves an opportunity to a gainful employment through meaningful training.

Our Mission
To equip all roads users with valuable driving skills, knowledge and attitude that will reduce road carnage. We are dedicated to assist all people within the nation towards fulfilling their growth needs specifically through driving. We at Petanns driving school believe that our individual actions and attitudes play a great role in determining safety.

  • Driving Motorcycle Taxi (Tuk-tuk)

    Pettans Driving School

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