Effective Selling Skills Course

Kenya Institute of Bankers

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Sales & Marketing


Next Start Date: 15/03/2018

End Date: 16/03/2018

Application Closing Date: 15/03/2018

Course Description

This hands-on two-day Sales training course has been designed to give delegates a solid understanding of good selling practices and to enhance their ability to be effective. Delegates are taken through simple but essential selling techniques, in a structured and proven way that will enable them to make instant changes to their working practices and achieve sustained improvements in their performance.

The course is ideal for anyone involved in a process where sales opportunities exist. While the course has been developed with sales people in mind, it can also be applied to other people such as Customer Service Officers or anyone who encounters regular face-to-face customer interactions, who often have the chance to turn situations into sales opportunities.

Also suitable for anyone employed in a Client Relationship Management [CRM] environment, who though fully conversant with the concepts, may wish to enhance their sales skills in order to win profitable business. To such, this course will intensify progressively, building their pipeline further into professional selling techniques.

Target Group
1. Direct Sales Representatives
2. Business Development Officers
3. Front Office Staff
4. Marketing & all Customer-facing Officers
5. Branch Operations Officers, and
6. Client Relationship Management Officers

Programme Objective
1. The Formula for Success
– The Psychological Paradigm in selling
2. Qualities of an Effective Salesperson
3. Overview of Professional Selling
4. Effective Prospecting Skills
– The Prospecting Cycle
5. Sales meeting preparation
– Making contact
– Starting the meeting
– Effective introductions
6. Effective Sales Presentation
– Understanding the Customer
– Features, Advantages and Benefits [FABs]
– Selling the Right Benefits
7. Negotiation Skills in Selling
– Understanding Negotiation
– Face-to-face Negotiation
8. Effective Handling of Sales Objections
9. Effective closing of Sales
10. After Sales and Follow-up
– Best Practice post sale follow-up actions

This training will be facilitated by experienced Selling Skills specialists and consultants, through:
• Experiential and interactive approach
• Group discussions and syndicate work
• Case studies
• Audio-visual presentations.

NB: This course will be non-residential. Participants not residing in Nairobi are advised to make their own transport and accommodation arrangements.

  • Course Sub-Category Effective Selling Skills
  • Course Level Tertiary
  • Qualification Awarded Certificate
  • Awarding Body KIM
  • CostKSh. 30,000 Training Fee
  • Length Of Course 2 Days
  • Class Size
  • Course Location/BranchNairobi Safari Club, University Way

Course Requirements

1. Direct Sales Representatives
2. Business Development Officers
3. Front Office Staff
4. Marketing & all Customer-facing Officers
5. Branch Operations Officers, and
6. Client Relationship Management Officer

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Institution Details

The Kenya Institute Of Bankers (KIB) is the world’s leading institute for business continuity. Established in 1979, the KIB has established itself as the leading membership and certifying organization for Business Continuity professionals worldwide.

Our Mission
To champion best practice in the delivery of financial services education, to promote professionalism, self-regulation and acceptable standards in the Financial Services Sector, through innovative learning, codes of conduct, quality skills and competencies.

To become the leading professional body in the promotion and delivery of quality financial services education and training.

Core Values
Students deserve dependable, accurate, timely, respectful and honest responses. Advisors' responsibilities to their many constituents form the foundation upon which our Core Values rest.
1. Integrity
2. Transparency
3. Accountability

Core Areas
The Overall Responsibility of the Institute is to;
1. Produce relevantly–educated and trained career staff for the financial sector.
2. Cater for students with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds.
3. Provide Professional Qualifications and Skills Upgrading Training
4. Programmes which enjoy wide recognition and acceptance throughout the Financial Services Sector.
5. Retain and sustain continued support by Employers – Banks/Financial Institutions.
6. Be perceived by all staff/students/members to be fair and worthwhile.
7. Allow ambitious, high quality staff to acquire high qualifications.
8. Provide broad based, educational programmes for those preparing for management in the industry.