Treasury Insights & Treasury Back-Office (TBO) Operations Course

Kenya Institute of Bankers

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Economics & Finance


Next Start Date: 23/07/2018

End Date: 25/07/2018

Application Closing Date: 23/07/2018

Course Description

This 3-day program is designed to train participants how to assess the treasury profits/loss. The course will enable participants to internalize the controls supporting Treasury number and provide them with tools of assessing such performance. At the end of the course participants will have gained a good understanding of:
1. Technical Analysis of Treasury
2. Trading income generation
3. Trading loss management
4. Treasury internal controls
5. Treasury Risk Management

Course Profile:
The course teaches fundamental techniques that apply to treasury business, with a focus on delivering basic skills and knowledge on the financial markets.
The experience gained from this course will be of great value to performance managers and risk professionals wishing to increase their knowledge of the Treasury business.

How you will benefit:
1. Appreciate what drives treasury performance
2. Learn how treasuries function in banks and corporation
3. Gain an insight into managing currency and interest rate risk
4. Understand treasury risk measures
5. Discover how to create successful treasury procedures/policies
6. Understand how to identify risks and how to hedge them
7. Explore the relationship between trading and hedging
8. Develop a knowledge of the currency risk management strategies of major corporations and how to profit from them
9. Gather more information about attitudes to risk and its management

Course content:
1. Modern Treasury set-up
2. Treasury Cost centres and Profit centres
3. Analysis of Systemic risks
4. Treasury products and their users
5. Testing for short and long positions/Exposure management
6. Hedging and hedging solutions
7. Use of Forward trades and forward rates
8. Deriving Forward points
9. Foreign exchange swaps (currency swaps and currency options)
10. Measuring Treasury performance
11. Relating market news to currency risk management
12. Economic fundamentals
13. Money markets and interest rates
14. Understanding and interpreting the yield curve
15. GAP analysis and related ratios
16. Implication of Floating rates and fixed rates
17. Interest rate sensitivity
18. Interest rate swaps and utilisation
19. Impact of Liquidity risk
20. Asset and Liability management
21. Leverage and structured products
22. Structural hedge analysis
23. Medium and long term financing strategies
24. Treasury’s role in capital markets
25. The role of ALCO’s
26. Case studies
27. Translating the Training into Action

This programme will be facilitated by highly qualified and experienced Trainers in the Banking Industry, using the most up-to-date training methodology in the market; experiential and interactive approach, group discussions and syndicate case studies, audio-visual presentations.

Duration: A 3-days’ highly intesive programme.
Date(s):- July 23rd – 25th, 2018
Venue: – Nairobi Safari Club, University Way
Fees: Ksh. 40,000/= per participant + VAT

NB: – This course will be non-residential and participants are expected to make their own accommodation and transport arrangements.

Bank Details are as Follows:
ACCOUNT NAME: Kenya Institute of Bankers
NAME OF BANK: Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd.
BRANCH: Queensway House, Mama Ngina Street
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 03-094-8011662

  • Course Sub-Category Treasury Insights & Treasury Back-Office (TBO) Operations Course
  • Course Level Tertiary
  • Qualification Awarded Certificate
  • Awarding Body KIB
  • CostKSh. 40,000 Tuition Fee per person + VAT
  • Length Of Course 3 Days
  • Class Size
  • Course Location/BranchNairobi Safari Club, University Way

Course Requirements

1. Treasury Back Office Operations Officers,
2. Foreign Exchange & Trade Services Officers,
3. Accountants,
4. Finance Officers,
5. Junior Dealers,
6. Remittances & Settlement Officers,
7. Risk & Compliance Officers and other mid-level, and
8. Senior Managers from Banks/Financial Institutions

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Institution Details

The Kenya Institute Of Bankers (KIB) is the world’s leading institute for business continuity. Established in 1979, the KIB has established itself as the leading membership and certifying organization for Business Continuity professionals worldwide.

Our Mission
To champion best practice in the delivery of financial services education, to promote professionalism, self-regulation and acceptable standards in the Financial Services Sector, through innovative learning, codes of conduct, quality skills and competencies.

To become the leading professional body in the promotion and delivery of quality financial services education and training.

Core Values
Students deserve dependable, accurate, timely, respectful and honest responses. Advisors' responsibilities to their many constituents form the foundation upon which our Core Values rest.
1. Integrity
2. Transparency
3. Accountability

Core Areas
The Overall Responsibility of the Institute is to;
1. Produce relevantly–educated and trained career staff for the financial sector.
2. Cater for students with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds.
3. Provide Professional Qualifications and Skills Upgrading Training
4. Programmes which enjoy wide recognition and acceptance throughout the Financial Services Sector.
5. Retain and sustain continued support by Employers – Banks/Financial Institutions.
6. Be perceived by all staff/students/members to be fair and worthwhile.
7. Allow ambitious, high quality staff to acquire high qualifications.
8. Provide broad based, educational programmes for those preparing for management in the industry.